What is Kangen Ukon?

Introducing the world’s first turmeric (Ukon) supplement wrapped in alkaline-reduced water.

Our turmeric (Ukon) is grown with utmost care by more than 220 contract farmers in Okinawa’s Yambaru region.
Our soft supplement capsules are the industry’s first to be made with alkaline-reduced water and other ingredients more than half of which contain antioxidant substances.

Kangen Ukon Σ capsules are individually packed in PTP packaging to prevent them from coming into contact with the air, so that you can carry just the right amount when traveling or going on business trips.
Furthermore, they come pillow-wrapped in units of 50 to thoroughly prevent oxidation until it’s time to use them.

Autumn turmeric has white flowers that bloom from August to September and is rich in curcumin.
It contains up to 7–10 times more curcumin than spring turmeric (Ukon).
It is also used as edible ingredient (coloring agent for curry and pickled radish) and as a dye for clothing. It is amber-colored and almost not bitter at all.

Spring turmeric (Ukon), on the other hand, has pink flowers that bloom from April to May. Being very bitter and spicy, it is not suitable to eat on its own and is mainly used by adding it to health foods.
Although its curcumin content is lower than that of autumn turmeric (Ukon), it is rich in more than 100 kinds of essential oil components, including termeron, cineole, azulene, and camphor, as well as calcium. potassium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Spring turmeric (Ukon) also contains high amounts of vegetable fiber.

Turmeric (Ukon), known as “Ucchin” in Okinawa, was highly prized during the Ryukyu kingdom, and its circulation was strictly controlled by means of a monopoly system.

Kangen Ukon contains the following anti-oxidizing ingredients:

15 ingredients

[1] Spring turmeric (Ukon) [2] Autumn turmeric (Ukon) [3] Squalene [4] Vitamin E [5] DHA [6] Folic acid [7] Vitamin B2 [8] Tocotrienol [9] Vitamin B1 [10] Niacin [11] Gelatin [ 12] Vitamin C [13] Vitamin B12 [14] Glycerin [15] Beeswax